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Keller Ranch polled herefords are bred to be the best. Our top-quality genetics from famous breeders across Canada and the U.S have led to the strong maternal traits for cows in cold climates of our prairie.

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About Keller Ranch

Keller Ranch has been a family owned operation since it was started by my grandfather Val Keller in the early 1960’s. Over the last fifty years my grandfather Val and my father Garnet, have focused on improving the overall genetics of the cow herd, one step at a time. Early on in the program the focus was to develop sound footed, easy calving cows with strong maternal traits that work well in the cold climates of the prairies.

In the early 1980's the Klondike Farms had unsurpassed success and was known around the world for producing quality cattle and were top competitors at every show. The Genetics that Don & Silvia Mitchell developed at Douglas, Manitoba have been the focus of our breeding programs for many years. Many of those genetics are still alive in our cow herd today.

We have also incorporated new genetics from many prominent breeders in Canada and the United States to keep up with the ever changing times of the Hereford industry. We also A.I. about half our herd in the spring to out cross genetics that we feel give our cattle the best chance at longevity, maternal ability and ease of weight gain.

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Jordan Keller
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